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Information is power and information security is the backbone of technological and business development. In recent years, companies around the world have come to realize that data protection and system fortification is a key component in the advancement and preservation of their business goals.

Whether your business operates in the domestic or international arenas — it could be vulnerable to hackers, viruses, malware, or any number of security breaches. Sensitive information such as your product manufacturing components or customer database could be leaked. Information that could lead to serious financial implications, loss of reputation, or loss of credibility. Your data security is of paramount importance. Enlisting a professional cybersecurity team is no longer optional, especially when it comes to the developed world.

NewAge Tech Ltd. is equipped with the innovative technologies you require to protect your assets. We represent the leading technological solutions in the Israeli corporate sector in some of the largest organizations in the market. We have the expertise and proven track record for integrating advanced protection systems and innovative products from around the world.

Vulnerability and risk assessment, identifying emerging threats, and planning ahead to mitigate future risk is what cybersecurity’s core is all about. Hence, we devote resources to research network security solutions. With the right, planning system integration, and architecture – you can rest assured that your network is being protected by the best means available to you.

NewAge Tech Ltd.’s trusted partners include but are not limited to the following innovative programs:

  • Encryption systems: Checkpoint, McAfee
  • Internet security systems: Forcepoint, Cisco
  • Leak detection and monitoring: Forcepoint, DLP
  • Suspicious file detection: Cynet, Palo Alto, McAfee
  • Cloud security systems: CP Cloud Guard, Prisma Cloud

These programs can be tailored to any customer according to predefined requirements determined by your existing environments, both physical and cloud-based. We work with your compliance guidelines to ensure all departments and employees adhere to company IT security standards and requirements. In other words, we enhance your networks so you can do business risk-free.

We offer a full range of capabilities which also include consulting and outsourcing services, a complete overview of existing platforms, and integration of new platforms and software. Together we will design the security plan that best fits your needs. Programs can be implemented on a company or departmental level with an array of leading and comprehensive solutions to choose from.

Innovative Cybersecurity Technologies at Your Fingertips

Empower your business with designated data security and cybersecurity technologies. Contact us today to learn more about the various technological solutions we can offer.

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